"I think that Brian Gaber's Jam Session is one of the great swinging jazz charts for orchestra. Every section in the orchestra gets its own virtuosic moment in the sun before Brian "takes it home" with some rousing shout chorusses. It will always be one of my favorite go-to pieces on a program. Audiences love it!"

Albert-George Schram, Nashville Symphony

 Ancestral Waters

“It’s unlike anything else I know out there. It flows so perfectly from one idiom to the next. It’s really an inspired piece. Brian fulfilled exactly what Dvořák said American composers should be doing, and he’s done it in a way appropriate for the 21st century.”

Timothy Muffitt, Artistic Director, Lansing Symphony Orchestra

“It feels solemn but hopeful,” she said. “I’m almost moved to tears every time.”

Allison Sanders, Mezzo-Soprano

“The intertwining between the three parts was ingenious and entertaining.”


“…a multi layered reverie on the African American experience.”

Lansing City Pulse